Oct 27 - Thunder On The Hill Closes Out The Season

Thunder On The Hill Closes Out The Season


MAYETTA, KS. As I arrived at Thunder Hill Speedway Thursday evening, the facility was once again in exceptional shape. The Conkwright’s were ready to provide both racers and fans to a weekend of tremendous racing action for the yearend special, Thunder on the Hill. Fans were also treated to some special guests, some old…some new. Ryan Clark from Vinton, Iowa paid a return visit to the Hill. Ryan has become a huge part of our racing family, as he kicked in to help with everything from registration, draw, announcing and keeping everyone in check. If you would like to learn more about his visit, be sure and visit his blog, “In Staging” at http://www.instaging.blogspot.com/. Chet Christner and Darren Shanley from XSAN television were also on hand for the two day event. If you missed any of the racing action, you can visit http://www.xsan.tv/.  


Practice was phenomenal as we witnessed several firsts.  Dustin Boney returned to the Hill in a new IMCA  Modified, Austin Charles took his Grandpa Tom Charles’ ride for a spin and Casey Jo Gemmill made her first appearance at Thunder Hill Speedway in the BSB Manufacturing Modified Division.


Racing Friday would be postponed, as Mother Nature played a cruel trick. Cold temperatures, wind, rain, sleet and snow would force Mike Conkwright to make a decision to push the show into Sunday. The question, “Would the track and pits be ready for Saturday?” A herculean effort by the Conkwright family, staff and volunteers, produced some of the best IMCA racing in the State. The racing was absolutely fantastic.  


Sundays show held rumors that Thunder Hill just wasn’t a daytime event track. Daytime events are hard on a racing surface, as the sun deteriorates the surface faster, and racing on it just compounds the suns efforts. Mike Conkwright got very little sleep Saturday evening, as he got right on the racing surface after the event. The track once again was ready when the racers arrived, and shortly after two p.m. the racing began. Thunder Hill provided multiple grooves of racing in every class.


I want to thank several people, and I hope I don’t leave anyone out. Mike and Pam, thanks for taking a chance on me. The entire crew at Thunder Hill Speedway puts forth a huge effort weekly to provide the best dirt track racing in the area. It was tough to leave the speedway on Sunday, as every staff member has become like family to me. I am sure the Conkwright family will have more improvements when Thunder Hill Speedway swings open its gates next spring with more action packed IMCA Racing.  


Below is a recap of the weekend’s event. The Conkwright family would like to thank each and every racer, fan and sponsor that helped make Thunder Hill Speedway a great success this season. The family looks forward to everyone joining them at the Trophy Banquet scheduled for January 25th, 2014, at the Prairie Band Casino and Resort. Please friend Thunder Hill Speedway on Facebook, or for complete results visit www.racethunderhillspeedway.com


Casey’s General Store IMCA Sport Compact Division

Saturday, October 19th - Monte Honas (Ellis, KS.) for the win, followed by Tanner Chapin (Hays, KS.), Dan Canady (Holton, KS.), Rich Boyden (Topeka, KS.) and Kaylee Diekman ( Blue Springs, NE.).

Sunday, October 20th Monte Honas (Ellis, KS.) for the win, followed by Rich Boyden (Topeka, KS.), Alex Boyden (Topeka, KS.), Dan Canady (Holton, KS.) and Austin Umscheid (Westmoreland, KS.).



Kansas National Guard IMCA Hobby Stock Division

Saturday, October 19th - Kent Husted (Sioux City, IA.) for the win, followed by Cody Neilsen (Fort Dodge, IA.), Brian Stich (Topeka, KS.), Ryan Roschewski (Beatrice, NE.) and Mike Traskowsky (Woodbine, KS.). Sunday, October 20th - Cody Neilsen (Fort Dodge, IA.) for the win, followed by Jesse Vanlaningham (Beatrice, NE.), Kent Husted (Sioux City, IA.), Ryan Roschewski (Beatrice, NE.) and Mike Traskowsky (Woodbine, KS.).


Belleville Motor Sports IMCA Northern SportMod Division

Saturday, October 19th - Tyler Frye (Belleville, KS.) for the win, followed by Curtis Dreasher (Hoyt, KS.), Daniel Gottschalk (Ellis, KS.), Dusty Leonard (Marysville, KS.) and Trenton Kleweno (Hays, KS.).

Sunday, October 20th - Bryan Rigsby (Topeka, KS.) for the win, followed by Tyler Frye (Beatrice, NE.), Shawn Harker (Nebraska City, NE.), Curtis Dreasher (Hoyt, KS.) and Tim Echevarria (Junction City, KS.).


Heinen Repair Service IMCA Stock Car Division

Saturday, October 19th - Jordan Grabouski (Beatrice, NE.) for the win, followed by Perry Misner (Garden City, KS.), Brian Labonte (Lawrence, KS.), Troy Baumgartner (Auburn, KS.) and Jason Davis Norton, KS.).

Sunday, October 20th Mike Nichols (Harlan, IA.) for the win, followed by Jordan Grabouski (Beatrice, NE.), Jason Davis (Norton, KS.), Perry Misner (Garden City, KS.) and Eric Weyer (Centralia, KS.).


BSB Manufacturing IMCA Modified Division

Saturday, October 19th - Jordan Grabouski (Beatrice, NE.) for the win, followed by Scott Drake (Joplin, MO.), Chris Abelson (Sioux City, IA.), Dustin Boney (Gower, Mo.) and Brian Mullen (Seymour, WI.).

Sunday, October 20th - Brian Mullen (Seymour, WI.), followed by Scott Drake (Joplin, MO.), Chris Abelson (Sioux City, IA.), David Murray Jr. (Oberlin, KS.) and Jesse Sobbing (Glenwood, IA.).


Bill Grit